The following game is one played by a couple of new beginners to chess, who do not follow the opening principles. Notice that in this game, neither side castled their king. The game has many mistakes and missed opportunities. These mistakes and missed opportunities will happen. As you get better at chess, you will make these mistakes less often, and spot the opportunities your opponents gives you.

In this game, White was the better player, but still blundered and could have lost their Queen. White missed a few other tactical shots to win material. Can you spot them?

What move could White have played that improves on what was played in the game?

What move(s) could White have played here to win the Rook on f3?

By Chess-Coach

A chess player for over 40 years, I have volunteered with Lancashire Chess Association for over 30 years. Have held several posts in that time, Treasurer, Junior Organiser, Junior Team Manager, Junior Team Coach, Web Author. I have managed the Lancashire Chess Association websites since 1997.